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whiz banga Dance Song
Foreclozure House Song
OverRealm Ambient Song
nagasaki stomp Industrial Song
New Agin' New Wave Song

2010 Submissions

Metall Heavy Metal Song
Selfless Lead Heart General Rock Song
E-Me-A Trance Song
FreeHeart Ambient Song
Waeltzer (Midi-cut) Classical Song
Klassischer (Midi-Cut) Classical Song
alien8 Ambient Song
Breakin' it preview Hip Hop - Modern Song
An Expression Classical Song
Aktiv Aktiv Classical Song
The Strings of Curiousity Classical Song
Escapisms Loop General Rock Loop
Chip-hop beat Hip Hop - Modern Song
Feel My Bass (In Your Soul) Ambient Song
mXeindahaus (vryjoke frestyle) Hip Hop - Modern Song
m,mybAs is BORoken-nenken Ambient Song
E-9 WIP Techno Song
Old-Ass Guitar Recording! Miscellaneous Song
hArhdDt atkAAAkk,;lkhirGTT Ambient Song
pr0lIFE-r8 prLi0ifEr8 Ambient Song
lZIng,fl;:>> faC>EEE Ambient Song
}O.M.G{ wtTTT Bluegrass Song
anKSitYyj;;;atk>>,kddAKT Ambient Song
JustALittleBit V2.0 Blues Song
Nerdcore Hip-Hop HHINMA rmx Hip Hop - Modern Song
JustALittleBit WIP Blues Song
We Escape Miscellaneous Song
SoTheseTwoSealsWalkIntoAClub General Rock Song
DUHH (Testing GuitarRig3) Blues Song
Maria Likes It Loud, Too Techno Song
Horrorstory WIP Video Game Song
inSID-E preview Video Game Song
The System Is Down Down Down Trance Song
Habanero Habanera Trance Song
Moonsong Video Game Song
Wshhi Wuzni Innn-- Diicksieee Trance Song
Have a Lujah! Trance Song
A MAD WORLD Trance Song
Lo-Fi Escapades Ambient Song
Psychedelia and Goats Miscellaneous Song
Navigating (Chill mix) Classical Song
AttainingHigherDimensions WIP Trance Song
Plagos Classical Song
A Song That Rhymes WIth Life Hip Hop - Modern Song
skltAAdn t-_EHb bARAAev Trance Song
808's of Kabuto's Fate (Inst) Hip Hop - Modern Song
{blast.traxx} Wip Trance Song
12-Bar Train (WIP-ish) Blues Song
Earl Gray (WIP) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Music Together, Forever Indie Song
Vah-cay Indie Song
The Etymology of a Song Title Indie Song
Oscillatory! Video Game Song
Trance-ish WIP Trance Song
D. EXPR Classical Song
.Fading Away Miscellaneous Song
FRGG07 Miscellaneous Song
Dissonance and Square Synths Miscellaneous Song
The Household Pt. 2 Miscellaneous Song
The Houshold Miscellaneous Song
Sic. of You Punk Song
WALTZY Miscellaneous Song
hXc3 Punk Song
hXc2 Punk Song
hXc1 Punk Song
Departure! Classical Song
Bringin In Da Heavy Industrial Loop
Mortal Kombat (We Are The 90s) Trance Song
Cruiser (HYPE Sheer Drive Mix) Heavy Metal Song
Blanked Out Miscellaneous Song

2006 Submissions

Drum & Bass Beatdown Drum N Bass Song
Digitized Panic Miscellaneous Song
Thriving Beat Ambient Song
Fool On The Planet Miscellaneous Song
Pulsar Ambient Song
Upbeat Rising Miscellaneous Song